Measuring for Sustainability Readiness by Design

Virtual Workshop
This workshop guides practitioners in creating services with a perspective on desirability, viability, feasibility, and sustainability.
The event is passed. 

Stay tuned for future events.

Measuring for Sustainability Readiness by Design
This event has passed. Thank you to those who joined. If you didn't get the chance to register or get off the waitlist, we hope to do more events like this. Stay tuned.

We will not be releasing the recording, but we will recap the workshop shortly. Thank you!

In an era of global sustainability challenges, designers need to prioritize circularity when crafting service experiences. With increasing consumer interest in environmentally conscious businesses, sustainability has evolved from a mere differentiator to a vital service strategy. This virtual workshop aims to guide design practitioners through a holistic perspective encompassing desirability, viability, feasibility, and sustainability in reimagining, optimizing, or innovating services.
Tuesday, August 29
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Eastern
Zoom, Online
Designers, all levels. 
Limited spots for 15 participants
By donation.

As part of our sustainability efforts, please consider donating to a charity working with environmental efforts.
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Your Facilitators

Leah Berg, senior service designer, and Shreya Dhawan, lead service designer, are interested in exploring new ways to incorporate sustainability into their practice. Together, they authored a paper, “Measuring for Sustainability: Friend or Foe?” in Touchpoint, the leading journal for service design published by the Service Design Network. Becky Scheel, creative and community lead, will also support the sessions.

senior service designer Leah Berg
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Key Takeaways

  • Engage in interactive discussions and activities, such as service origami, to explore the balance between desirability, viability, feasibility, and sustainability throughout the design process of new or existing services.

  • Discover the possibilities of integrating sustainability at every stage of the design process, from research and ideation to prototyping, and gain insights into how sustainability can be seamlessly woven into service experiences.

  • Walk away from the workshop feeling energized and confident in applying a new lens of sustainability and circularity to your design practice. Gain the tools and knowledge to infuse sustainability into your work, whether reinventing an existing service or designing a new one.

  • Participate in engaging conversations and activities facilitated by Harmonic designers, where you'll learn new methodologies and approaches to addressing design problems through a sustainable lens. Expand your skill set and grow your practice.

  • Collaborate with other design practitioners during the workshop, fostering connections and building your community of practice. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights from fellow professionals who share a passion for sustainable service design.

Participating in this workshop will give you a renewed sense of inspiration, equipped with the knowledge and confidence to apply sustainability principles in your design work, and join a network of like-minded professionals in the field.

In addition to Zoom, We will use Miro in this workshop for collaboration. Basic proficiency in Miro is encouraged but not required. 

New to Miro? Learn more about getting started at

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Recording Notice:
This online event enables an attendee to participate through a personal device's microphone and/or camera. An attendee may elect not to participate through the use of a microphone and/or camera. The election of an attendee to use a microphone and/or camera constitutes a release and waiver of rights in the capture of the attendee's image, likeness, and/or voice for exclusive use by Harmonic Design.
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