Experience Tapestry Workshop: Designing for Interdependent Moments in Multi-Actor Ecosystems

September 8, 2020

This event has passed
October 23
Virtual event

Experience Tapestry: Designing for Interdependent Moments in Multi-Actor Ecosystems

Service organizations exist in diverse, multi-actor ecosystems in which many people offer and receive value while navigating intricate relationships, unwritten rules, and cultural norms. Understanding and designing for this complexity is core to service design, yet a relatively immature skill for most practitioners.

In this hands-on session, Patrick Quattlebaum, Carol Massáand Jeff Harris will teach you how to construct an Experience Tapestry—a single view of intersecting experience pathways customers, service providers, and other people take. You will be able to identify opportunity areas to improve complex service experiences for the collective benefit of all actors and recognize how this approach connects with other service design methods.

Slides from the workshop

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