Harmonic Designers Introduce Service Design to Local High School Students

October 28, 2021

Harmonic Designs partners with Next Generation Men and Women to expose high school students to service design. Harmonic Designers Olivia Lucas, Mariah Mills, Becky Scheel, and Arjun Srinivas visited South Atlanta High School to engage with students about our pathways to our design careers and to introduce them to the service design profession. In small groups, the designers collaborated on an empathy map design exercise. This exercise helps the students build and visualize a fuller picture of the user. Empathy mapping is widely used across professions and promotes collaborative work.

“Empathy maps really help you dig into and understand all the different people; it is time-consuming but valuable”

Next Gen Participant

Harmonic Design believes in building a strong community by staying engaged locally and increasing exposure to the field of service design. If you are involved with education, innovation, or community organizing and would like to partner with Harmonic, we would love to hear from you.

​​Special thanks to Shreya Dhawan and Kate Ellis who helped prepare content to make the event engaging.

Arjun giving in an intro to service design
Arjun providing an intro to service design
the next gen participants present
The Next Gen participants present their empathy maps

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