Harmonic Design Partners with Rare in Sustainable Behavior Change

April 5, 2022

What if we had an approach, created by melding service design and behavioral science, for changing people’s behavior that benefits people and the planet?

Rare, a non-profit dedicated to driving sustainable behavior change to benefit both nature and people, approached Harmonic Design to help them increase the adoption of three behaviors—purchasing carbon offsets, contracting for renewable energy, and adopting a plant-rich diet.

Led by Harmonic with Rare’s Senior Vice President Brandon Schauer and with Rare’s team of behavioral scientists, the team investigated, listened, and created a repeatable workflow and three actionable journey books. The project engagement started a novel and groundbreaking collaboration that addressed previous challenges in cross-disciplinary efforts.

nature Projects blueprint
Service blueprint including psycho-social states

This project took a novel approach that synthesized the complementary expertise and skills of behavioral science and service design and revealed exciting new possibilities for making progress in some significant and challenging social problems. Activities included sensemaking, concept development, generative research, and service blueprinting. An additional goal of the project was to ensure this process is repeatable for future change behavior projects.

The engagement provided Rare with some unique tools and frameworks that supported behavior science methodology while diversifying their approach to solving their problems, an initial prototype of behavior interventions, a vision of a future experience, and a plan to develop new capabilities.

rare book carbon open

Guides to Behavior Change Design

Created for organizations seeking to adopt a sustainable mindset, designers, and personal users alike, the journey books aim to raise awareness of positive, sustainable behavior change, share practical methods, and galvanize readers to share their efforts.

Download the Journey Books.
All journey books are using the Creative Commons license and are free to use.

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