We build service design capabilities within organizations

Harmonic Design helps organizations establish and mature service design practice at scale.

Service design brings the right mindset and methods to take on the complexity today’s organizations face. Clients partner with Harmonic to assess their design practice and expand their service design capabilities. Through training, side-by-side projects, and coaching, internal leaders equip their teams to be more creative, collaborative, and service-driven.

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Benchmark your capabilities

The demand for service design is growing. Harmonic helps organizations assess their current design practice and identify gaps in people, practice, and partners. We provide guidance on how to mature service design capabilities smartly over time.
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Expand your design toolkit

New challenges require better tools. Harmonic partners with design and innovation teams to reimagine or extend their toolkits to incorporate service design methods. Through methodology design and guidance, we ensure teams understand when, why, and how to use service approaches to deliver better results.
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Upskill your team

Building service design within an organization gets easier when you have practitioners with the skills and confidence to deliver great work. Harmonic trains teams and coaches individuals on all aspects of service design, from using basic methods to mastering design process facilitation. We also help leaders close talent gaps by identifying and hiring new employees.
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Cross-train partners

Service design is a team sport. Harmonic helps clients expand buy-in and cooperation with their boundary partners through hands-on education during cross-functional projects and learning engagements. These investments create new advocates and broaden the impact and influence of service design.
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Thought partnership and Advice

Building service design at scale takes time and creates challenges for even the most experienced leaders. Harmonic serves as a strategic partner, providing an outside perspective to navigate decisions on strategy, team composition, methodology, and better connecting design to business, operations, and technology.

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Orchestrating experiences


Our CEO, Patrick Quattlebaum, co-wrote the acclaimed service design book, Orchestrating Experiences.

Grab a copy from the publisher or at Amazon.com.

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Harmonic Design will launch its first of a series of service design tools to take your practice forward.

Drop us a line if you want to know when our first tool is available.

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