We design services with organizations

Harmonic Design partners with organizations to create new services, reimagine customer journeys, and equip employees to deliver better service experiences.

Our approach blends elements of human-centered design and systems thinking to address complex environments involving multiple actors, channels, touchpoints, and contexts. We collaborate passionately with our clients, uncovering the needs of all service participants, generating concepts, and inspiring collective action. Our teams go beyond customer experience, digging into operational barriers that prevent desired outcomes.

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Understand your service landscape

Services are complex. Harmonic helps organizations uncover the internal and external dynamics that impact service experience and business performance. Through design research, we ensure stakeholders understand the needs of people—customers, employees, and others—and align on opportunities throughout the customer journey.

Define your service

Services live or die on how well they address the needs of both customers and employees. Through collaboration and co-creation, Harmonic defines meaningful value propositions and experience-driven service models. The result: valuable service experiences that deliver desirable business outcomes.

Align on a vision and take action

Creating services or delivering omni-channel experiences requires cross-functional alignment from intent through execution over time. Harmonic guides organizations through constructing a shared vision of the service experiences that it wants to deliver in the future. Through storytelling and facilitation, we ensure stakeholders understand how they will individually and collectively make their vision a reality.

Create new ways of operating

Designing effective services requires going beyond customer experience. Harmonic collaborates with organizations to better understand gaps—policies, processes, people, and platforms—that prevent delivering better service outcomes. By holistically looking at experience and operations, we conceptualize new approaches to service delivery that will result in both customer and business value.

Experiment and Evolve

Service innovation requires breaking from the past and leaping into the future. Harmonic works with organizations to evaluate and refine value propositions, experience concepts, and service delivery approaches. Through prototypes and pilots, we help cross-functional teams find the best path forward to creating the desired customer and business outcomes at scale.

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