Mariah Mills

Lead Service Designer

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Mariah’s favorite aspect of service design is the collaborative nature of the discipline.

Mariah is an experienced service designer, innovation leader, and storyteller with a Masters of Industrial Design. Her multidisciplinary background has influenced these key strengths: years of playing in music groups and working on film and television productions have shaped the collaborative, methodical, and positive leader she is today.

In her service design practice, she is a rigorous design researcher, inclusive facilitator, and champion of co-design. Most of Mariah’s service design and innovation consulting work has been with large corporations: improving service experiences, developing new service offerings, and coaching newly formed innovation teams. However, she has also worked with entrepreneurs, mid-stage startups, non-profit organizations, and college students to bring the service design lens to their unique challenges and goals. She strongly believes that diverse design teams create more inclusive and human experiences.

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