Meghana Srinivasan

Senior Service Designer

Meghana Srinivasan

Meghana is a designer, researcher, and creative strategist with a focus on social impact. Her practice draws from many fields including systems thinking, future studies, ethnography, social sciences, communications design, and fine arts. She is particularly interested in an evolving design approach that can help navigate complex challenges in public health, education, civic service, technology, environmental impact, and social justice. 

Meghana cares deeply about diversity and cultural plurality in design and believes that design can be a powerful tool for countering implicit bias, shifting power, and creating positive systemic change. 

An artist and serial hobbyist with an ever-growing collection of yarn, fabric, clay tools, and paint brushes, Meghana is usually immersed in a passion project or seven. 

Before Harmonic, Meghana worked with various clients – from a large healthcare company and major airline to community-based nonprofits and independent artists. She has a background in communications strategy and publications design and holds an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design from Parsons School of Design, New York.

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