Designer Carol Massa featured by Service Design Network Portugal

May 29, 2020

Service Design Network Portugal invited Carol Massa to join their Lusofonia campaign. Lusofonia translates to “Portuguese” and has been used to identify all those who speak the language even though they may not live in Portugal. As of today, the Lusofonia campaign has selected 27 designers to share their journey in the service design world and we're proud that Carol is being featured. Carol is from Brazil and attended university in Portugal with her career taking her to graduate school in Savannah and then Atlanta. We're proud she's on our team!

Read her full profile in English and Português (via Service Design Network Portugal)

Watch Carol in action at her virtual workshop, The Strategic Role of Service Design in Organizations, for the Service Design Network (SDN) Academy, as part of their series of free online lectures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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