Alla Weinberg, discusses how to design safe workplace culture on the Brave UX Podcast

November 1, 2023

Alla Weinberg, principal of design operations, discusses unsafe workplace cultures and how you can change them with Brendan Jarvis of Brave UX.

They think emotions don’t matter at work, leave those at the door, just get the work done. But that’s not human and that’s not possible.

I mean a lot of people even right now currently in this moment are struggling with burnout, are struggling with exhaustion, are struggling with mental health issues, depression, anxiety, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, all sorts of things, and this kind of pervasive mindset that human beings just need to continually perform and sustain at a certain level without end that should never waiver that there or it should always continue to go up in some way is not humane, it’s not human, and it’s not how people work

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