Harmonic Design’s Cofounder, Patrick Quattlebaum, Featured on User Testing’s Human Insight Podcast

September 12, 2022

“if we start using that similar language (the moment) and using the term the same way we kind of unlock that cross functional collaboration that companies find it really hard to like get everybody focused on the same”

Harmonic Design’s cofounder and CEO, Patrick Quattlebaum, appears on User Testing’s Human Insight Podcast. Patrick discusses the importance of getting a team to collaborate and align, the concept of zooming out, the speed of design, and his work designing the library experience.

Listen to the full episode, Uncovering your customers’ key moments as a design target, at usertesting.com/podcast or wherever you get your podcast.

“it’s really about changing organizations to be more service oriented and to to work at a different pace layer than some of the product design technology work… the ability to it to be a pace layer that’s still moving quickly, but maybe what the reflection and the and the zoom out to really understand and help people really make smarter decisions about these complex systems that we’re trying to change together”

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