Harmonic Design’s Co-founder, Patrick Quattlebaum, Discusses How Service Design Shapes the Future of Organizations —This is HCD Podcast

September 29, 2023

Patrick Quattlebaum (PQ), co-founder and CEO of Harmonic Design, sits down with Gerry Scullion of The Human Centered Design Podcast—This is HCD. During this episode, PQ discusses the journey of leading Harmonic Design, from its launch to navigating the challenges of the pandemic to celebrating its fifth year. They discuss pertinent topics for Harmonic and the larger design community, including aligning with purpose, identifying a great client, and the future of service design with organizations.

How do we evolve methods and approaches that create more intentional decisions at higher levels of design scale without falling into the trap of ‘You’re slowing things down.’?

Listen to the full episode at thisishcd.com or wherever you get your podcast. This episode marks the second time PQ is featured on the popular This is HCD Podcast. Listen to his first podcast interview from 2019.

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