Tucker Witter

Service Designer

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Tucker is a passionate service designer, experimenter, and maker. He views services as exchanges of knowledge that we interact with every day. He works with organizations to create contextually adaptable solutions through iterative strategic actions. 

Tucker is interested in examining the theory and practice of service design, often searching for new methodologies to use within the design process. By utilizing his understanding of service design, he guides organizations through their problem space by visualizing complexity and creating actionable prototypes that provide meaningful insights. 

Before Harmonic, Tucker worked as a service designer and design strategist consultant to various federal agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, United States Postal Service, National Institute of Health, and the Department of Defense. He received his MFA in Service Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design and his BS in Rehabilitation Science and Assistive Technology from the University of Pittsburgh. 

When he is not working, Tucker is usually crafting and experimenting in his constantly growing makerspace, biking around DC, or looking for new music.

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