Stephanie Krell

Principal, Design Strategy

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Stephanie is obsessed with the challenge of predictive adoption theory. She finds it thrilling to track customer adoption based around a deep understanding of when a customer’s unmet needs merge with their liquid expectations, around a service experience, that allows us to prioritize and highlight the features necessary to ensure successful implementation. 

Without agreeable consumers, businesses cannot survive. Stephanie helps them focus on aligning their North Star vision and guides client partners through the journey to create successful offerings across their organizational roadmap through human-centered design methodologies. With a focus in Service and Business Design, Stephanie uses these frameworks when designing and facilitating innovation workshops to help businesses change their cultures and shift mindsets to putting people first. Stephanie has worked for Walt Disney and Universal Studios theme parks designing everything from virtual reality roller coasters to immersive hotel and entertainment experiences. She pivoted toward consulting for both commercial and federal entities where she has worked on the creation of products, services, and experiences with global brands and fortune 500 companies. As Head of Design Strategy at Harmonic Design, Stephanie will work closely with teams to combine human desirability with business viability, paired with operational and technical feasibility across every client project.

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