Felisha Araniti

Service Designer

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Felisha is a Mexican-American service designer born to immigrant parents. Her upbringing has given her sight to discern and adapt to adherence. It is her job to be present and dive into her work intensely. It is challenging to do, but through her vulnerability in the face of adversity, Felisha has been able to incorporate these skills and adopt them within her practice through service design. She can combat these differences, be empathetic, and view the nature of life from a rewarding perspective that motivates Felisha to continue her work within government and public service divisions.

Using human-centered design, Felisha offers strategic advice and aid in the “servitization” processes, such as the adaptation of introducing industries to the new market logic.

Aside from her service design work at Harmonic, Felisha is an active advocate for mental health and neurodivergent designers within the industry. In her spare time, Felisha writes, co-hosts, and mentors other neurodivergent designers to capitalize on their unique experiences of adversity to enrich their work within their practice.

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