Tanner Slade

Service Designer

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Tanner is a service designer who thrives on understanding and designing human-centered, value-co creating systems and services. Drawing on his hybrid visual and strategic skillset he works with organizations to tackle complexity, to discover the behaviors, insights, and connections that matter most in their ecosystem, and to design impactful experiences.

In his process, Tanner believes in interrogating not only what is directly related to the use and interaction between humans and products but the contextual factors that surround them that form an ecosystem. From this eco-systemic perspective, he helps organizations discover potential or dormant value co-creative opportunities, meaningfully integrate new technologies, and implement new products and better ways of working.

Tanner holds a BFA in industrial design from Brigham Young University and an MSc in service systems design from Aalborg University in Copenhagen, Denmark. From his multidisciplinary education combined with several years of experience designing both products and services, Tanner understands what it takes to create tangible results and actionable strategic principles.

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