Kerri McGar

Principal Service Designer


Kerri is a systems thinker, coach, and service designer who shines at building meaningful, outcome-focused relationships with clients—helping them understand, navigate, and solve for their unique and complex challenges.

Drawing on her background in design, business, strategy, technology, and education in organizational studies, she applies a cross-discipline and systemic approach—taking a holistic view of organizations, people, and their experiences. This makes Kerri especially adept at working closely with clients to unravel complexity, get at the heart of issues, and discover new paths forward.

Prior to joining Harmonic, Kerri brought strategic design and leadership to a broad range of organizations from non-profits and start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. A practitioner of service design since 2010, she believes the whole systems perspective and capabilities it brings genuinely helps organizations evolve and thrive in our era of constant change, rapidity, and technological disruption.

Kerri is deeply curious and has a never-ending thirst for learning. She constantly explores new ideas and methodologies, as well as personal interests in art, music, science, and sociology. Living in the Pacific Northwest, Kerri enjoys a good cup of coffee, cycling and mountain biking, hiking, and gaining inspiration from nature.

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