Jeannie Fung

Service Designer

Jeannie is a creative problem solver with a multi-disciplinary background in industrial design, architecture, and service design from Savannah College of Art and Design. She applies fundamental design skills in connecting the dots between people, products, services and environments. 

Her obsession with unpacking puzzles, systems, and societal challenges led her down the path of human-centered design. She believes all things are connected and that design enables people at large to understand their shared experiences that are intangible. Jeannie loves to share her views on how design sparks joy in different levels of experiences and nerd out about her mission to use it as a means for community building and sustainable value creation. 

She has a knack for finding the right innovation opportunity for businesses to build better outcomes with people. Her mantra is to always adopt a people-first approach. From her previous work in management consultancy, she has worked with various industries to fluently combine human-centered, technological, business, and brand viewpoints. 

Outside of her design bubble, she enjoys connecting her mind and body through cycling, fencing, pilates, and other forms of artistic expression.

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